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"As an educator for thirty years and an administrator for twenty-five of those years, I have worked with hundreds of teachers. Emmanuelle is among the best. She is a prime candidate to support the theory that teachers are born, not made. As an instructor, Emmanuelle quickly assesses the needs of her students and devises a program that challenges them and holds their interest. She is creative in her lesson planning, mixing her teacher-centered activities with hands-on lessons that engage the students in a very active, meaningful way. Students thrive in her classroom because she creates a culture that encourages them to grow intellectually while inviting them to develop a community where respect for themselves and their classmates is paramount."

Gordon Sharafinski, Head of the Schools of the Sacred Heart (San Francisco)


"What wonderful writing! And at such a young age. Their future kindergarten teachers will have to devise new challenges for these accomplished writers! I just have to say how nice it is to see the lovely life they lead at Ma Petite École."

Jennifer Schwinn


"Ma Petite École is a testament to the effectiveness and humanity of the French école maternelle system. It truly is a relief and a delight to have an institution of this calibre right here in Sonoma County. Emmanuelle and Brian are diligent and devoted stewards of their school and their charges. They have managed to import a small slice of France directly to Santa Rosa. Ma Petite École is a wonderful place for children to learn and grow. Your child will develop their independence, broaden their horizons, and grow their hearts. We cannot recommend them highly enough."

Christopher Dodge


"Ma Petite École is the ideal learning and social environment we wanted for our children. Manu and Brian engage each child in such a unique and creative way that brings out their maximum potential. Our daughter, Gaby, started at MPE when she turned 2 years old. In a few short months, she was understanding everything in French and soon after became quite fluent. Not only does MPE focus on the French language and culture, but it also has a strong curriculum in Math, Science, Art, and Music. Another aspect that drew us to MPE is their dedication to teach children respect, values, and manners. We were so happy with Gaby’s progress at MPE that we decided to have her stay there for her Kindergarten year, and we are so glad we made that decision. She is now thriving in first grade and her current teachers are so impressed with her academic and social skills."

Cindy Mogannam


"Ma Petite Ecole is a preschool like no other here in Sonoma County, with so many things to offer young children. The environment is rich in the French language, as well as culture and cuisine. Our three children attended MPE for preschool over the course of 2-3 years and when they left, they were fluent in French, as well as being able to read and write! All three were prepared above and beyond to enter kindergarten, having been exposed to another language in math, music, science and art. Emmanuelle and Brian created an amazing environment full of learning opportunities for our children that they will carry with them for years to come!"

Andrea and Jean-Christophe Faivre


"We've been blessed to have both of our children attend Ma Petite École. Manu and Brian are passionate, intelligent, and great with the children. We chose Ma Petite École for our kids because we knew the potential developmental benefits they would receive by having an early bilingual education, and the nutrition program was an added benefit to attending. The classroom setting is the perfect mix of structure and play and it is great to watch the kids have so much fun while learning and adapting to a new language. We have made lasting relationships with other families who have attended the school and I would recommend Ma Petite École to anyone."

Brittany Westerman

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