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At Ma Petite École, our program follows the curriculum established by the French Ministry of Education, where the children are given the ability to go above and beyond. Our daily activities focus on developing memory and creativity, reasoning and imagination, diligence and autonomy, and fostering the spirit of initiative. The children become proud students who quickly acquire the love of speaking French with their peers confidently. Their language skills are a true testimony to their experience at MPÉ. Intellectual development is stimulated through observation, experimentation, and active exploration; we give children opportunities to build on their understandings. Inspired by the children's interests and passions, we encourage them to be proactive learners. Social skills are encouraged through group play, learning responsible behavior, and respect for others. Emotional growth is cultivated by promoting cooperation, a positive self-image, as well as developing trust and independence. These new independence skills lead directly to increased confidence, which in turn, accelerates personal growth.
Reading and telling stories are key to our program. The preschool years are vital to building language competency and literacy. The richer the environment, the more benefits can be reaped by the children. We are very proud of our library of 700+ French books and just as many magazines. Early on, children are exposed to these books and work on different skills through our readings. We are lucky to work with Les Petits Livres, which gives us access to even more books. The children participate in "Le Prix des Incos", managed by the aforementioned organization, which is an annual youth literature award. This prize aims to offer a wide selection of books to as many children as possible in order to encourage them to read for pleasure. We are proud to be part of this event, which instills a love for books, language, and culture in children.

As a result of our curriculum, children who have been students at Ma Petite École demonstrate advanced literacy and language skills in French. They are also very inquisitive, well-spoken, engaged and passionate learners. Teachers at the Santa Rosa French-American Charter School regularly note that our students are well prepared, motivated, and focused. The solid foundations for their education start here!
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